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Meet The Team


Dr Chelsea Smith (B.Sc, DVM)

Veterinarian & Director of Modbury Vet Clinic

  • Dr Chelsea Smith graduated from The University Of Adelaide and has been working with us since December 2015. Dr Chelsea has subsequently become co-director of the Modbury Vet Clinic alongside Dr Tegan.

  • Chelsea has a special interest in orthopaedic surgery, soft tissue surgery and diagnostic imaging.

  • Although she has found her niche in small animal practice, Dr Chelsea still has a passion for large animal work, particularly working with cattle.

  • Chelsea has beautiful fur family consisting of two dogs; Bella & Ralph, a ginger cat named Paddy, & some cheeky chickens. Outside of life at the clinic, Chels & her fiance Brad work hard on their 80 acre farm looking after their cattle, sheep and alpacas.

Modbury Vet Clinic - 017.jpg

Dr Tegan Hadley (B.Sc (Hons), DVM)

Veterinarian & Director of Modbury Vet Clinic.

  • Dr Tegan Hadley graduated from The University Of Adelaide and the school of Animal and Veterinary Science. She has been working with us since Dec 2015 & became co-director of the clinic in 2021 alongside Dr Chelsea.

  • Dr Tegan has an interest in animal behaviour which led her to complete her post graduate certificate in Small Animal Behavioural Medicine through CVE. 

  • She is very passionate about reducing the patient's stress levels throughout their consultations.

  • At home, Tegan loves to relax on the couch with a wine and is supported by her partner George, cheeky tuxedo-cat Albert & her dogs called Ned & Dougie.


Dr rachael thompson (B.Sc, DVM)


  • Dr Rachael Thompson graduated from The University Of Adelaide and the school of Animal and Veterinary Science in 2022.

  • As a new graduate, Dr Rachael is enjoying exploring all aspects of veterinary medicine but is interested in learning exotic animal medicine in the future.

  • Outside of work, Rachael enjoys playing footy and going on hikes. She also enjoys travelling overseas and recently  adventured to Japan, Chile & Argentina.

  • Rachael lives locally with her husband Alan and they take care of their beautiful furbaby doggo called Macca.


lauren swan

practice manager

  • Lauren recently joined our team and has taken on the role of practice manager, helping to coordinate the clinic and manage the team. 

  • Lauren has worked within the veterinary industry for many years, so comes to us with a wealth of knowledge, and is particularly passionate about client care.

  • Outside of work, Lauren enjoys relaxing with wine, good food and listening to cabaret music (particularly David Campbell!).

  • Lauren lives on a beautiful acreage with her husband Kane and their little son Spencer. She also has two beautiful Japanese Spitz' called Luna & Rocket.



  • Renee recently joined our wonderful team in December 2023 to take on the role of Co-ordinating our nurses as well as mentoring and growing the teams skill sets.

  • Renee knew young she wanted to be a Veterinary Nurse so she left school early to fulfill her dream!

  • Renee is an absolute ball of knowledge and has done further study to advance her skills in veterinary dentistry. We're very lucky to have all her knowledge on a daily basis. 

  • Outside of work, Renee lives with her Husband Wade, her daughter Deanna and her son Asher. Even though Deanna and Asher may think their the favorite's we know its Renee's cats, Archie Bobbie and Alfie Billie! 

Modbury Vet Clinic - 009_edited.jpg

Caitlyn Peciar (V.N)

TEam leader 

  • Caitlyn started working with us in November 2014 after completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. 

  • In 2019, Caitlyn took on the role of Head Nurse of Modbury Vet Clinic and was responsible for over-seeing the day to day running of the clinic and co-ordination of the nursing team. In April 2023 Caitlyn gave birth to her first child, Isla. Since returning back to work after becoming a mum she has decided to take a step down and become a team leader and assist Renee with co-ordinating the team. 

  • Caitlyn has a passion for Surgical Nursing and Anesthesia. She hopes to one day further her studies in Emergency and critical care nursing.

  • Caitlyn has a passion for travel with her husband Andre, & has two beautiful dogs, Benji the Cocker Spaniel & a Golden Retriever called Beau.

Modbury Vet Clinic - 013.jpg

Tegan Gregory (V.N)

Senior Veterinary Nurse

  • Tegan has been with us since November 2014. Tegan has a special interest in animal behaviour and training and is currently studying her Delta Accreditation In the coming years.

  • Tegan loves educating about puppy behaviour making her the best candidate for our Puppy PreSchool Co-ordinator.

  • She has a passion for nursing critical care patients & also streamlines communication between clients and our vets as our go to client liaising nurse.

  • Tegan's family consists of hubby Wade, daughter Blaike & son Pheonix, 2 dogs (Lightyear & Akela) & 2 cats (Dobbie & Tiger).

Modbury Vet Clinic - 012_edited.jpg

Elle Kohlberger-Masson (V.N)

Qualified Veterinary Nurse

  • Elle joined our team in 2021 as our clinic was seeking to expand & move into its new location.

  • Elle came to us having already worked within the industry for several years & has continued to expand her skillset since joining our team. Elle is a valued member of our team who enjoys helping mentor our junior nurses to grow in a supportive environment.

  • Elle loves all fields of veterinary nursing but has a passion for wildlife care.

  • Outside of work, Elle takes care of her beautiful Rotty called Zara & her many beautiful birds.



qualified Veterinary Nurse

  • Kirrily joined our team last year in 2021, to support us while Nurse Tegan went on maternity leave. Kirrily fit in so perfectly with our team though so we decided to keep her!

  • Kirrily holds her certificate IV in veterinary nursing and has been working within the industry for many years.

  • Kirrily thrives in all areas of nursing, but has a particular passion for building long lasting relationships with clients, and loves when she gets to liaise with people in our reception area. Additionally, Kirrily has a strong passion for reptile medicine and has helped many of our staff grow an appreciation for these wonderful animals.

  • Outside of work, Kirrily lives with her partner Cody and their tribe of animals including 2 beautiful Bull Terriers (Reggie & Sherbet), 2 tuxedo cats (Kiwi & Mojito) & a menagerie of reptiles and insects!


Holly reeves

trainee Veterinary Nurse

  • Holly joined our team in December 2022 & is currently studying to achieve the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

  • Holly is particularly interested in dental health and radiology, and would love to gain more experience in the coming years in the area of wildlife care.

  • Out of work, Holly loves listening to an ABBA classic & also supporting local bands with her friends.  On the weekends you will find Holly cooking, camping & sewing.

  • Holly's fur family consist of her cat baby called Herb & her family dogs called Charlie and Buster.


chrislynn dickson(V.N)

qualified Veterinary Nurse

  • Chrislynn is the newest nurse to join our team and achieved her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2022.

  • Chrislynn enjoys spending time in our reception area as she is passionate about meeting clients and loves the opportunity to greet and get a kiss from our cute and furry patients.

  • Chrislynn is particulary passionate about neonatal care and starting animals off in the right foot. Additionally, she is passionate about animal rescue work and would like to continue to support causes close to her heart.

  • Out of work, Chrislynn lives with her husband Daniel and beautiful Labradoodle called Angel (pictured alongside her here). In her downtime, you will find her relaxing by watching movies, playing board games and solving a good puzzle.


Business Details



32 Smart Road,

Modbury SA 5092

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm
​​Saturday: 8am - 12pm
​Sunday: Closed


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